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​Whether it is house levelling or foundation levelling, block and base or settlement repair, we are the specialists for you! For the best top affordable contracting in the region, look no further than us. There are a number of people with a number of different skills that we can bring with us to ensure that the task always gets done, no matter what problems there are along the way.
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We always like it when our customers get in touch with us by phone, whether it is a five minute phone call or a one hour one. We also don’t mind whether you are a previous customer, an ongoing customer or a prospective client for the future. We are there to build respect, and not just to make money, which means that we are always attentive, unlike some companies out there. In our personal experience, there are many companies who stop talking to you once you have stopped playing. Not us. Our number can be easily found on this website.

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If you want to send us an email, and we would recommend this form of communication for a lot of the comments we get, then all you have to do is use the contact form that we have here.

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